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How we work

Freed provides a network of volunteers, peer support resources as well individual support resources for anyone seeking help with eating disorders and related concerns. Our network of volunteers, trained and qualified, are available to anyone wanting to talk, whether individually or in a group setting, where anonymously or on a first name basis. Our network of partner psychologists, psychiatrists and nutritionists are qualified professionals with many years of practicing experience in the field of mental health, body image concerns and disordered eating patterns. Each person associated with Freed is committed to providing support to individuals and families affected by eating disorders.

We have a multi-pronged approach – the first pillar of this approach in awareness. Spreading the word around eating disorders, and starting a conversation is the only way we can overcome the massive stigma around these mental illnesses. Shame and guilt prevent so many people who are suffering from asking for the help they need.

Our approach to generating more accurate awareness in India is to work with mental health professionals, people with lived experiences of eating disorders and an army of volunteer evangelists, which help us better understand the world of eating disorders in the Indian context.

The second pillar is intervention. Eating disorders make for under half a page of content in any psychology or health/ wellbeing-related courses. They are also highly stigmatized topics with barely any conversation around them. So it’s no surprise that there are no readily available resources in India that specialize in eating disorders.

At Freed, it is our ambition to help curate a platform that brings together all the layers required in the ED recovery process: self help materials, call/ chat helplines, support groups and 1-1 therapy. We focus on capacity building and enhancement of all our professional partners.